Breitling Watch Service

breitling watch serviceMany Breitling watches are mechanical and need to be serviced with a cleaning and overhaul about every 5 to 8 years. This can cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars, but is worth it to keep your watch running smoothly. The oil that is used to lubricate the many moving parts in these movements will eventually gum up and cause the parts to stick together and rust, which is why the cleaning and re-oiling of the parts is recommended so frequently.

Watches also may need to be polished or some parts may need to be replaced. And Breitling watches that are quartz will require a battery change and reseal every few years or so. When this is required, it is a good opportunity to take stock of other repairs your watch may need.

If you need help with fixing your watch, trust a professional.

Times Ticking has been in operation for more than 30 years, since 1982. We have performed watch repair for customers both locally and internationally. If it Ticks! We KNOW it! Our team of watch repair technicians have a combined experience in watchmaking of over 120 years.

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